[  Plugin Support - The NF & NB Advantage  ]

* What is a plugin?

Like it sounds.

You can "plug in" extra functionality, commands, or support.

* What are the benefits of a plugin?

There are many.

Extra commands and functionality being the most obvious. It's entirely possible to receive plugins from other developers or even us to extend your current abilities.

Splitting your program into separate modules or sections is a less obvious use. By breaking your program down into an array of plugins you can make your project more manageable. For example, maybe you've written some artificial intelligence code to control enemies and want to be able to use it across projects or share it with others.

Protecting your source is another benefit. When compiling a plugin it's exported into a binary form. This means it's impossible to reverse it back to source code form... in other words; you can share your plugin without sharing your source code.

* What's the relation between NF and NB?

Think of Nuclear Fusion as the brain of Nuclear Basic.

Now remember that Nuclear Fusion can make plugins.

This means any plugin you make works for Nuclear Basic and Nuclear Fusion alike!

* Why is this combination powerful?

Imagine quickly getting the heavy lifting done with Nuclear Basic but needing certain parts done in c++ just because something advanced you're doing is easier in c++.

So... you rapidly write the heavy stuff in Nuclear Basic and the specialty stuff in Nuclear Fusion. They peacefully co-exist, no need to fall strictly to one side or the other.

* Aren't all plugin systems this way?

Nope. Ours is special.

Plugins you make with Nuclear Fusion are super small even though the plugin can still call all 2000~ commands. Other systems usually strap everything along with it or don't provide any commands at all (requiring messy & incompatible code to hook the commands).

Our plugin system was designed into the core of Nuclear Fusion from day one.

* Do NF & NB come packaged together?

They can.

In fact, we offer an extreme discount if you purchase them together (55% off one of them).

* Where do I get more information?

You can read the Nuclear Fusion product page here.

You can read the Nuclear Basic product page here.

You can add the discounted NF or NB on any order page.

The support section will help you with any additional questions or concerns.

Extend your command set

Modular design option & source code protection

NF & NB are core unified

Use the proper tool for the proper job with no bias

Prolific plugin system planned from the 1st day

Discount option together

DirectX 11 compatible!