Nuclear Studio allows for rapid point & click setup of your scenes. You can load models, easily place them, apply lighting, save out the scene, and the result loads directly into Nuclear Basic or Nuclear Fusion.

What is it?

Nuclear Studio is straightforward and simple. You load your media, place it with WYSIWYG editing, and save out to a scene. After placing meshes you simply create the lighting and drop in character placeholders.

Intuitively setting up your levels w/ lighting is 85% of the problem to overcome with real game projects. Our aim is to reduce & eliminate that.

How it works with your code

Nuclear Basic & Nuclear Fusion are game programming products. Both directly load our custom format (.n3d) for viewing. This format stores entire scenes w/ lights.

Our studio, therefore, saves your scene to an .n3d file. We provide some extra code to help you manage character spawning, etc... and the rest is yours. In this way the studio avoids imposing restrictions on your personal programming style.


The lighting solution for each edition is:

Lite Edition:

Light up your level with precalculated GI lighting that works with normal maps and on dynamic objects. Spice up your materials with GI based glossy local reflections to achieve a metallic look that fits to its surroundings perfectly.

Standard Edition:

Like our Lite solution but with the possibility to precalculate more than one level setup, so that you can implement destructible walls that influence the lighting solution when destroyed (and other similar effects). You also get an AO solution that enhances the realism of your scenes.


Transformations use the mouse click & hold position as the pivot for the update.

Speeds and ranges are automatically adjusted based on zoom distance so that you're never fighting the controls.

A perspective editing widget makes arbitrary adjustments easier. The widget has the following options: (G)lobal, (P)arent, (L)ocal, and (C)amera. You can switch between these easily with icons available in the perspective view itself.

A "game grid" tracks with your location giving a better sense of location.

There are strong undo/redo features so you never have to be too careful.

Focus control to center views and help bring objects into range.

Layer editing to manage complex scenes and help keep the view clutter-free.

Sample Videos

Demonstration videos of the studio's lighting system:


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Stand-alone price (Lite Edition): $39.98 USD
Promotional period: Free upgrade to Standard Edition
Stand-alone price (Standard Edition): $59.98 USD
Bundle offer if purchased with NF/NB: $100 USD
Includes: Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Basic, and Nuclear Studio (Standard Edition)

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DirectX 11 compatible!