Our tailored version of the Bullet Physics system has allowed us to give you an advanced physics system scalable to multiple cores. We've implemented an easy-to-use character controller that has many features, such as improved stair recognition.


By definition it makes your world behave in a more realistic way (more physically accurate). Nuclear Basic provides the following physical properties:
  • Force
  • Impulse
  • Torque
  • Velocity (angular and linear)
  • Mass
  • Gravity (any direction)
  • Friction
  • Restitution (bounciness)
Static and dynamic

Entities in Nuclear Basic can always be transformed with the provided entity commands even if they are marked as physical. Once physical properties are assigned to an entity (and you aren't forcibly transforming it) the physics system will act on it automatically.

The de facto standard being static meshes should not move and everything else can. Likewise, it is standard for static meshes to process quicker in an active scene. All of this still holds true with Nuclear Basic, but your hand is not forced.

Multicore scalable

Physics and collision are highly intensive tasks for the processor. With the advent of additional cores it makes sense to offload intensive tasks (like physics/collision) to their own dedicated processing cores where possible.

Nuclear Basic detects the number of the cores and assigns at least one core (if available) to physics/collision processing. In the case of single core machines physics runs faithfully at each tweening period instead.

Under ridiculously intensive loads (on a computer with 2 or more cores) it's possible for physics to slow down without slowing down the actual rendering framerate. That is, Nuclear Basic renders frames independent of physics due to their full parallelization.

Character controller

The arsenal of physical options is normally unwanted for characters, but we want them to collide properly with the scene, fall under gravity, and climb stairs.

Nuclear Basic has a character controller built on top of Bullet.

Duplicate memory / optimization trees are avoided this way allowing the engine to focus on a more desirable sliding response. Furthermore, characters can have tuned influence by stairs and slopes to customize the experience.

What now?

See the Effects page if you haven't already.

Check out the trial version (link below) and order once satisfied!

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DirectX 11 compatible!