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[  XBox Controller Plugin  ]


Support the XBox controller for your computer games!

Instant input from any connected XBox controller. It reports all of the keys (including analog stick presses), stick direction, and trigger pressure. You can send rumble instructions to the controller as well!


Full feature list:

  • Easy setup manual for Nuclear Basic / Nuclear Fusion
  • Detection for all keypresses simultaneously (including analog sticks)
  • Analog stick direction reported back with x & y intensity levels
  • Left and right trigger pressure detectable
  • Rumble commands to vibrate the controller on demand


Supported Systems:

  • Windows 2000 through Windows 7
  • Plugs directly into Nuclear Basic and Nuclear Fusion



  • This plugin is FREE with a purchase of Nuclear Basic or Nuclear Fusion.


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XBox Plugin

Easy setup

Keypress detection

Analog stick movement

Trigger pressure

Rumble feedback


DirectX 11 compatible!