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Nuclear Basic and Fusion come with networking support built-in.

Performance, however, is a big issue when writing network software (like multiplayer games). It's also fairly complex to manage the connections and ports with your own code.


Reliability is a concern on your own.

If you use TCP connections the data will always get there but a single delayed or lost message will stall everything for long periods.

If you use UDP connections the data will hustle but messages may be lost in the process.


The plugin solves performance, reliability, and ease.

A queue system makes sure data is batched when sending. This prevents bombs of tiny messages to the recipients and server.

A connection hybrid makes sure there is perfect message reliability without stalling.

Message priority allows you to specify messages that are vital and optional. Vital messages may be resent (automatically) if lost and optional messages are fire & forget.

Server groups allow you to send messages to assigned groups of connected users. Team related services or gameplay will benefit highly from the easy assignment & use of groups.

Most features operable in one command (i.e.: create server, connect user, send a message with priority setting, etc...)


This plugin takes the sting out of writing network software, especially high throughput network games like first person shooters. It can serve any demand level.


Full feature list:

  • Easy setup and server/client connections
  • Message building commands (store multiple types of data in one message)
  • Automated connection management including connect/disconnect notifications
  • Send a message to all (broadcast), individuals, or groups
  • Priority settings per message (vital or optional)
  • Hybrid connection type for pinnacle performance and reliability
  • Message & packet queuing to reduce server/client load
  • Internal recognition to prevent forced cracking attempts


Supported Systems:

  • Windows 98 through Windows 7
  • Plugs directly into Nuclear Basic and Nuclear Fusion



  • This plugin comes to you for the price of $19.98 USD.


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Simple connect platform

Message/packet queuing

A hybrid connection type to prevent stalls while retaining reliability

Load management control

Message recipient groups

Priority settings to tag important messages

Security recognition (stop brute force attempts)

DirectX 11 compatible!